[Mono-dev] Console.ReadLine & rlwrap

Laurent Le Brun laurentlb at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 08:00:08 EDT 2010


I'd like to use "rlwrap" with my Mono application, but it fails (my
code is just calling Console.ReadLine). If I write the same thing in C
(with fgets on stdin), it works, so it's not a term issue. rlwrap
works fine when the Mono application starts, but fails as soon as I
call Console.ReadLine.

I'd like to know if anyone has already met this problem or knows a workaround.

Repro :

$ cat test.cs
public class Hello {
  public static void Main() {
    while (true) {
      var s = System.Console.ReadLine();

$ gmcs test.cs

$ rlwrap ./test.exe
// enter text - arrow keys and standard shortcuts don't work



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