[Mono-dev] arm fpu runtime selection

Geoff Norton gnorton at novell.com
Sun Jun 20 00:20:11 EDT 2010

Its valuable for us to be able to jit to different FPU's based on cpu capabilities, rather than a runtime compile, particularly on arm.  As such I've started porting things over to being runtime selectable.  I've attached a patch which reworks most of mini, and am looking for comments on the approach before continuing, VFP seems to be working but there are a few known issues:

#1: soft float currently has some regressions, I'm still tracking down exactly where, if it pops out please let me know
#2: We dont detect cpu capabilities at runtime yet, its driven off an env var, maybe we should emit and test small functions and catch the sigill on startup?  input would be nice here
#3: How do we handle the aot case, perhaps we introduce a new aot flag for fpu mode?


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