[Mono-dev] Trying to run teste.exe

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat Jun 19 07:11:17 EDT 2010

On 19.06.2010 13:04, guysherman wrote:
> Hi Zoltan,
> Thanks very much for that, that seems to have fixed it. I get a new error
> now, though.
> The error is the following:
> Corlib too old for this runtime.
> Loaded from: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mono-2.6.4\lib\mono\2.0\mscorlib.dll
> When I execute my freshly built runtime with the -V flag, it says version
> 2.7.
> Do I need a more recent build of mcs?

Yes, you need a matching mcs tree, optimally of the same version
as your mono tree.


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