[Mono-dev] SerialPort and OnDataReceived event

Marcus Obst marcus.obst at etit.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri Jul 30 17:06:54 EDT 2010


I was trying to run a .NET assembly generated by Microsoft tools under 
Mono (Linux).

The application accesses the serial port and installs an event handler 
for the DataReceived event.  Unfortunately, this handler is never 

Digging into the sources of Mono/MCS (from svn) showed that this event 
is never raised in SerialPort.cs.

As far as I can see, this is addressed by the bug report  323892  
(SerialDataReceived events/callbacks are not implemented) from 2007.

(Even moma does not report this incompatibility since the event handler 
is implemented but the event itself is never raised)

My question is now: is there any (technical) reason why this 
functionality is not implemented in Mono?

Are you interested in a patch which might fix this?

 Best regards from Chemnitz/Germany!

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