[Mono-dev] Interop dlls - is this a bug?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Jul 30 09:01:46 EDT 2010

See my response on the winforms list. You cannot p/invoke
native Windows DLLs.

On 30.07.2010 14:53, pfj wrote:
> Hi,
> To play video, I've been using the QuartzTypeLib dll from the COM under
> Win32. Works fine. Not cross platform, but works fine. The application
> compiles and generates a file called Interop.QuartzTypeLib.dll which I'm
> assuming VC# should do.
> I make a copy of the directory and tranfer it to my Linux box. On the linux
> box, I also put a copy of winmm.dll and quartz.dll in the same directory as
> the application and try to run the application. Nothing happens.
> If I recompile via MD 2.4, I need to add the Interop.QuartzTypeLib.dll as a
> new reference and then it builds fine.
> Should I have to do this or should the Interop.QuartzTypeLib dll just have
> been automagically picked up when mono tries to run the app? Just want to
> make sure it's not a bug before submitting it as one.
> Paul

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