[Mono-dev] The new world of Git -- what else can we change :-)

Raja R Harinath harinath at hurrynot.org
Wed Jul 28 04:31:20 EDT 2010

Avery Pennarun <apenwarr at gmail.com> writes:

>>> I've personally found this workflow to be a lot of extra work for
>>> little gain, and certainly:
>> We've already seen issues with unintended (but safe) merges causing
>> confusion -- the confusion is exacerbated by the GitHub UI showing 'git
>> diff --first-parent' on merge commits, rather than something more symmetric.
> However, it's just so easy to do this:
>     git checkout master
>       # do stuff
>     git commit -a
>     git pull
>     git push
> That I think asking people to do fancier stuff is kind of cruel most
> of the time.

I agree, but that also led us to:


> If you wanted to really get fancy, you would have a single mainline
> I noticed when I first started to use git that there's an unreasonable
> tendency to try to make the history graphs (or in your case, github
> output) look pretty.

The parenthetical is the first point I disagree with you on.  I don't
particularly care :-)  Otherwise, we agree violently, it seems.

> I learned that it's really just a waste of time, because the history
> graphs really aren't that useful to humans, and git itself doesn't
> care if they're pretty.  It's much better to ignore them and get along
> with work.

If you have to a bone to pick with me, it should be for me being too
reluctant to replace the answer above with

  "They are merge commits.  Git has them.  Github screws up when it
  displays them.  Nothing to see, move along"

and, maybe, that I said

  "Here's this nice branch-based workflow"

in the original mail.  Okay, suggestion 3 is out :-)

- Hari

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