[Mono-dev] [Ximian-mono-list] github workflow proposals

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Jul 27 17:41:20 EDT 2010


> Additionally,  I think we should implement a policy that all "work
> branches" are made in user forks; and the only people who should be
> making branches in the mainline github are QA for release managment
> practices.

I want to ask you a favor, can you please add to the document:


The list of steps that an imaginary user would need to do to:

	* Create a fork ("click on...")
	* Pull his fork
	* Create a branch for his fork
	* Push the branch to his github

And then:

	* How the user would "land" his change into the mainline
	  tree when he is done.
	* How can a second user "pull" his changes or add his repo
	  in addition to ours.

This is probably documented somewhere, but lets get this as part of our
Coding Guidelines document.


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