[Mono-dev] Visual Studio Projects Upgrade

Jonathan Chambers joncham at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 19:16:58 EDT 2010

Hello All,
      I was planning on upgrading the runtime .sln/.vcproj files in svn to
Visual Studio 2010. I was also planning on removing the older versions (2005
& 2008). I am not sure if 2005 is buildable at this point anyway.  VS2010
supports native multi-targeting, meaning one can target the 2008 C-runtimes
even when building in 2010. Mixing C-runtimes is a common cause of concern
on windows and was a partial reason for trying to maintain multiple VS

Unless anyone objects in the next few days, I'll upgrade the files. I'll
also make the default build use eglib rather than glib.

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