[Mono-dev] Moonlight and OSS4 sound ubuntu 9.10 and opensuse11.2

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Sat Jul 3 10:34:10 EDT 2010

> I can dig further, but perhaps someone "in the know" on moonlight, can
> very easily comment on why
> sound doesn't work on linux with OSS4. Is it only made to work with
> alsa/pulse? It there a solution?

Moonlight only has support for alsa and pulseaudio, oss hasn't been

We do of course patches if somebody volunteers to do the coding.


> One of the  really poor things about linux is no good standard sound
> layer.
> I have had set ups were pulseaudio works, other set ups where is pure
> broken.
> I have used alsa standalone, but had little luck with multiplexing
> sounds.
> I know others swear by Jack.
> For me OSS4 works perfect. But as I see now, not with moonlight :(
> I am thinking, if everything else works fine in browser (through to
> oss4), why not moonlight?
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> ted leslie <tleslie at tcn.net>
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