[Mono-dev] Proposed Patch - Google Native Client

Zoltan Varga vargaz at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 10:42:09 EDT 2010


> We also had to modify some code that doesn't fall under either of the above
> defines.  Most of these changes revolved around type safety.  The modified
> version of gcc we use to compile Native Client modules is more strict about
> types, and it caught what look like legitimate issues with the Mono
> codebase.  The largest issue in terms of number of errors was the use of
> mono_bool and gboolean interchangeably between declaration and definition of
> many functions.  gboolean is defined as an "int" but mono_bool is defined as
> int32_t.  Other type issues are listed directly below.  Feedback is
> appreciated on these changes because of our unfamiliarity with this code,
> but I modified these in the way that seemed most "right" at the time.
> mono/metadata/decimal.h:47 mono_decimal2string int -> gint32
> mono/metadata/filewatcher.h:28 gboolean -> int
> mono/metadata/filewatcher.c:158 int32 -> gint32
> mono/metadata/threads-type.h:64 int -> gint32
> mono/mini/mini.h:1546  gboolean sort_end -> int sort_type
> mono/mini/mini.h:1733  gboolean fp -> int bank
These changes look ok, and are now in SVN.

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