[Mono-dev] [patch] rework the simd intrinsics versioning to bit flags and reorder some structs and arrays to support more open bits.

Jerry Maine - KF5ADY crashfourit at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 20:46:07 EST 2010

Re-corrected version... my bad.

Released under the MIT/X11 license terms.

Jerry Maine - KF5ADY wrote:
> Jerry Maine - KF5ADY wrote:
>> Here a patch that reworks the simd intrinsics versioning in the runtime
>> from bit indexes to bit flags to more closely match what is in
>> Mono.Simd.AccelMode. Reworked some structs to allow some more room for
>> the new bit flags, reworked some arrays to reflect this change.
>> Comments or Questions?
>> Jerry Maine.
> Oppps... here is the corrected version of this patch.

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