[Mono-dev] Embeded : NullReferenceException not raised when using managed null objects on Windows

Damien maitredede at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 15:41:38 EST 2010

> Hi,

> >
> > I am using Windows 7 x86, Visual Studio 2008, Mono 2.6.1 embeded
> (installed
> > from windows setup).
> >
> > When I should have a NullReferenceException (bug in code), a managed
> > NullReference is not thrown, but a native error occurs (Access violation,
> > memory 0x00000000).
> Are you seeing this while debugging the application or at runtime?
> It should not happen at runtime given your OS and compiler.
> I have this error while debugging the application (attaching to process
that uses my code).
Without a debugger attached, it simply crashes.

Since I don't have any debug symbols loaded for mono, I can't really tell
where the error can be...

Is there a way to debug managed mono code launched from a pure native code ?


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