[Mono-dev] Contributions to Olive WF

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Jan 20 19:53:50 EST 2010


> I am trying to contribute some contributions for olive, specifically
> in WF. I am not sure still WF development is active or any plans to
> continue development. Can any one shed some light on whether it is
> worth to spend time in Olive WF

Olive is an incubation area, when projects mature, we "upgrade" them to
the standard Mono distribution.

The Workflow implementation that we have is a a 3.0 implementation, and
according to the Microsoft people, it is better if we just do 4.0 which
is simpler, smaller, better designed, clearer and a complete new

If you are interested in contribute to Workflow, it seems that we need
to start that effort from scratch based on the 4.0 APIs.

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