[Mono-dev] Mono 2.6.1 and HPPA-HPUX

Krueger, Ben (MSGD Calgary) ben.krueger at hp.com
Mon Jan 18 12:03:43 EST 2010

I am trying to get mono compiled and running on a HPPA HPUX machine, but I don't have the knowledge of the architecture to properly fill in some information.  A long time ago, apparently, there was a HPUX interpreter, but the "interpreter is dead" and I wouldn't like the speed of it anyway.

I talked with the people at Plastic, but they only have done some Itanium work and not HPUX.

There are pieces in the existing code base that refer to HPUX and HPPA, but it doesn't seem that it is complete.

Memory barrier functions seem to be missing, so I just copied one to resolve the symbol.

I have got everything compiling up until it creates and tries to run genmdesc.  It fails at that point with a core dump.

Has anyone done something like this with HPPA?  Is there an older version that may work?  I am willing to go to the interpreter version in the mean time if I have to... Which version of mono was that understood to work?

Thank you for any help you may have.  I have a project that I  made commitments on based on statements on the mono website that have proved to be inaccurate and now I'm severely behind schedule.  All I need to be able to do is read .xml files and send web services calls.   I am now looking at rewriting my application in Perl, but I won't have time to meet my deadlines...

Ben Krueger
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