[Mono-dev] difference in ilasm tool functionality between mono and .net

ptr ptrajkumar at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 11:25:56 EST 2010

Hey all

 I have found that mono has its own ilasm tool that differs in functionality
with the one that shipped with the .NET framework on windows.

Specifically ilasm on windows has an option to generate pdb file as well.
This is lacking in mono. We use ilasm tool to generate our dlls and because
the corresponding mdb files are not created or not in sync we cannot debug
our application under monodevelop on OS X.  Is there any tool in the mono
toolset that can create a pdb from a dll.

Is ilasm a well supported tool ? I have read in the previous postings that
it is supposed to be rewritten.  If ilasm is generating an invalid assembly,
is there a way to debug it ? Any hidden options in ilasm to generate more
verbose/diagnostic output.

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