[Mono-dev] Stack size with mono-2.6.1

Thierry Lafage thierry.lafage at inria.fr
Wed Jan 6 10:57:05 EST 2010

Thanks for your answer.
I'll try one of your solutions.

IMHO, a nice long term fix for it would be to provide a command-line 
option to set a max value different from the default's, as for java and 
heap size (-Xmx). This way, one could fine tune according to the running 


Thierry Lafage.

Rodrigo Kumpera a écrit :
> This was a stop-gap hack I added to fix a security issue.
> The value is hardcoded into mono's source and until we figure out a long
> term fix for it, the only solution is to custom compile mono.
> I have a patch that improves the JIT to use smaller stacks, but it's 
> against trunk
> and remains experimental.
> Besides that, we need to fix all unbounded code expansion to really 
> support big
> stack. Work on this have not been started.
> Right now, the only remedy for you is to custom build mono after 
> either removing
> the stack check[1] or increase it[2]. Be aware that such changes do 
> have security
> implications.
> Sorry for this,
> Rodrigo Kumpera
> [1]To remove it, edit mini-x86.c or mini-amd64.c. Search 
> and remove the if that uses it.
> [2]To increase it, change the define MONO_ARCH_MAX_FRAME_SIZE in either
> mini-x86.h or mini-amd64.h depending if you're building a 32 or 64 
> bits mono.
> On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 9:02 AM, Thierry Lafage 
> <thierry.lafage at inria.fr <mailto:thierry.lafage at inria.fr>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     I have a problem with a code running with mono-2.6.1.
>     It says :
>     "Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidProgramException: Method toto:main
>     () stack is too big."
>     This problem does not appear with mono-2.4.3
>     In this case, the stack length is more than 1MB (it's ok with less
>     than
>     1MB).
>     My question is: is it possible to force mono-2.6.1 to accept stacks
>     which are more than 1MB (I've found no related command line option)?
>     Regards,
>     Thierry Lafage.
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