[Mono-dev] Mono 2.6.1 does not run on Windows 2000

jmalcolm malcolm.justin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 13:36:30 EST 2010

The Mono 2.6.1 + GTK# + XSP download at monodevelop.com (go-mono.com)
incorrectly states that it works on all versions of Windows 2000, XP, and
Vista.  It does not work on Windows 2000.

For 2.6.1, I get an error in a dialog box titled "Entry Point Not Found"
displaying the message "The procedure entry point freeaddrinfo could not be
located in the dynamic link library WS2_32.DLL".

All you have to do to get this error is "mono --version" or invoke Mono for
anything at all.

According to MSDN, the freeaddrinfo function was first added in Windows XP:


The MSDN entry also provides a way to make it work on Windows 2000 though so
a patch should be straight-forward.  From the article...

"The freeaddrinfo function was added to the Ws2_32.dll on Windows XP and
later. To execute an application using this function on earlier versions of
Windows (Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows Me/98/95), then you must
include the Ws2tcpip.h file and also include the Wspiapi.h file. When the
Wspiapi.h include file is added, the freeaddrinfo function is defined to the
WspiapiFreeAddrInfo inline function in the Wspiapi.h file. At runtime, the
WspiapiFreeAddrInfo function is implemented in such a way that if the
Ws2_32.dll or the Wship6.dll (the file containing freeaddrinfo in the IPv6
Technology Preview for Windows 2000) does not include freeaddrinfo, then a
version of freeaddrinfo is implemented inline based on code in the Wspiapi.h
header file. This inline code will be used on older Windows platforms that
do not natively support the freeaddrinfo function."

All earlier versions of Mono that I have tried, including work fine
on Windows 2000.

As a piece of trivia, ReactOS must implement this function as you can
install the Windows Mono 2.6.1 package on ReactOS and it will compile and
run a simple console app like Hello World.

Setting up a Windows build environment for Mono sounds like a bit of work or
I might have taken a run at patching this myself.  Where should I file a bug
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