[Mono-dev] [Ximian-mono-list] Making MONO_DISABLE_SHM the default for 2.8 ?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Feb 28 18:29:26 EST 2010

>   Mono currently implements a shared handle mechanism to support .net
> applications which share handles between processes, a
> windows feature. This requires sharing state between mono processes, which
> is very problematic, so I would suggest making it opt in mono 2.8, i.e.
> introduce a MONO_ENABLE_SHM env variable or a --enable-shared-handles
> command line option for the minority of applications which need this.

I like the plan;   We probably want both the environment variable and the
command line option.

The only downside is that the code will likely bitrot without anyone
actively using it by default.

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