[Mono-dev] Moonlight project compile error in MonoDevelop

Peter Shoebridge peter at blueyondergaming.com
Tue Feb 23 17:21:39 EST 2010

I'm running Mono Develop 2.2.1 on openSUSE 11.1 (the VM from the mono tools distribution) and trying to compile a moonlight c# project.

I have copied moonlight distribution folder from my MAC and put it on /usr/lib.

The project has a class file that derives from Stream and I get the following error:

Commons.Utils/IO/MultiBufferStream.cs(38,38): Error CS0505: ` MultiBufferStream.Seek(long, System.IO.SeekOrigin)': cannot override because `System.IO.Stream.Seek(long, int)' is not a method (CS0505) (Commons.Utils.SL)

Any clues anyone?

Compiles just fine under VS SL2.



       Peter Shoebridge
       Founder & CEO
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       Boulder, Colorado, USA

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