[Mono-dev] Drag&Drop to a DesignSurface

Dominik Leuthold moudi at gmx.net
Tue Feb 23 15:47:56 EST 2010

Hi all


I've implemented a GUI designer using the DesignSurface class from the
System.ComponentModel.Design namespace. I've also made an implementation of
an iToolboxService and use the Drag&Drop functionality to add controls from
there to the design surface.

This works as expected using the .NET framework, but in Mono I can't get the
Drag&Drop running. The drag operation starts correct, but the design surface
doesn't seem to support the drop operation.


Are you aware of such a problem and/or do you have any idea for a


The application which I'm speaking of is open source. You could grab the
code from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/oscontrol/ Just make sure
that you get the latest revision from the SVN, because the posted release
doesn't even start under Mono. To reproduce the issue, just follow the
tutorial in the getting started guide.





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