[Mono-dev] Custom Uri Parsing

Matt Dargavel matt at shout-telecoms.com
Wed Feb 10 07:29:22 EST 2010

Hi there,


                We're doing some SIP related work with Mono and wanted
to use a custom Uri parser to decode SIP uris.  The one we're using is
based on the method described here:
http://www.codeproject.com/KB/recipes/customuriparser.aspx .  This all
works fine in .NET, but the CustomUriParser doesn't work in Mono.


Some searching also threw up this post to the list back in October 2008:
ml .  I've looked in to the Mono implementation in svn, and it still
appears that most of the Uri class decodes specific Uri content itself
rather than delegating to Uri parsers.


I was wondering if anyone knew if the post above was ever followed up,
or whether the suggestion wasn't implemented for some reason?  I guess
this should probably be filed as a bug, as the functionality was added
in .NET 2?  If you'd welcome a patch I could probably submit something
based on Alan's suggestion.


                Thanks and Regards,





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