[Mono-dev] WCF: Contracts with Interface hierarchy

Karsten Fourmont fourmont at gmx.de
Sat Dec 18 11:43:22 EST 2010

quick update:

Explicitly specifying the Action and ReplyAction Attribute makes it 
work. That's an OK workaround at least for me:

[OperationContract(Action = "Foo", ReplyAction = "FooReplay")]
void Foo();

Bug's also posted with ID 658520 by Maciej Kopańsk


Karsten Fourmont wrote:
> Hi Atsushi,
> thank you for the "WCF Interface Hierarchy" fix. Works great...
> well unless you have a Microsoft.NET client and a Mono server.
> Then you get (in the Mono server):
> System.ServiceModel.ActionNotSupportedException: Action
> 'http://tempuri.org/IFoo/Foo' did not match any operations in the target
> contract   at
> System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ListenerLoopManager.FindEndpointDispatcher (
> System.ServiceModel.Channels.Message message) [0x00000] in<filename
> unknown>:0
>     at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ListenerLoopManager.ProcessInput
> (IInputChan
> nel input, System.ServiceModel.Channels.Message message) [0x00000] in
> <filename
> unknown>:0
> It seems the naming scheme differs.

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