[Mono-dev] Announcing Monoreports - report designer and reporting engine

Tomasz Kubacki tomasz.kubacki at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 03:16:59 EST 2010


First thing i want to say is: thanks for feedback!
This kind of emails give me a better view of what people think is

Dnia 2010-12-11, sob o godzinie 09:31 +0100, Quandary pisze:
> Interesting project.
> Adding Excel & CSV support would be no1 requirements for production usage.
> You could use this library, it's the only FOSS excel library that really
> works:
> http://epplus.codeplex.com/

Didn't know about that project. I've to take a look on that. 

> Also take into consideration that the designer is not all.
> For production use, the RENDERING ENGINE must SCALE.
> Crystal Reports really doesn't, which is why Microsoft crated
> ReportingService.
> If it doesn't scale, you can have the best designer in the world, and it
> will still be relatively worthless.

I will beat them all, i promise, but give me some time :)

> Since it would be a cross-platform tool, support for the OpenOffice
> file-format rendering would be great.
> But...
> Doing it differently (=incompatible to ms reporting service) also means
> nobody is going to switch over, because it would mean redoing all
> reports, which is too expensive if you have to pay the developer time...

There is a big set of things people requested i think that i will make a
pool after first release, to see what people want most.

But in general i really don't believe in sql oriented tools these days. 
All modern data access libraries are object oriented (NH, linqTo*, EF),
and so is Monoreports's input (IEnumerable<T> - for details and simple
class for parameters). So you can push NH, EF or LinqTo* objects as a
datasource, and all public properties could be used in report.

My final request is to move all Monoreports's related discussion to it's
own group ( http://groups.google.com/group/monoreports ) since not all
people here might be interested in.


Tomasz Kubacki

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