[Mono-dev] mono-2.6.7 build on linux/alpha

Sergey Tikhonov tsv at solvo.ru
Tue Aug 31 10:29:15 EDT 2010

furutaka wrote:
> Hi all,
> The only thing I know about mono is that it's an open-source .NET-compatible
> set of tools.
> Now I'm trying to build it on linux/alpha, specifically, Gentoo, and the
> build failed due to missing operands of MINI_OP() in mini-ops.h, as the
> following;
> (...)
Hello, the code for alpha arch needs to be updated to support Linear IR. 
Latest working version was - 1.9.xxx. Unfortunately, I don't have spare 
time to do it, but could share some work that I've done already (I 
converted most of the operations, floating points ops has to be

Thank you,

Sergey Tikhonov

Head, R&D department
Solvo Ltd.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tsv at solvo.ru

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