[Mono-dev] Backporting to mono-2-8? (no, probably not)

Andrew Jorgensen ajorgensen at novell.com
Thu Aug 26 14:00:38 EDT 2010

I have published a mono-2-8 branch for mono and will be making similar
branches in other repos soon.  We intend to release the final 2.8 early
next week (final builds will be done tomorrow hopefully).  Please be
responsive if you are asked to fix a release blocker.

This does /not/ mean that you need to start backporting your changes to
this branch.  We will be releasing 2.8 from this branch but 2.8.2 (the
next version, due in a few weeks probably) will be branched from
_master_.  The purpose of the 2.8 branch is to allow you all to continue
to commit to master unencumbered, /not/ to make more work for you.

If you want to backport something to 2.8 please ask me first.  I will
defer to your judgment but I need to be aware that your changes are
pending.  When deciding to backport or not please ask yourself if the
2.8 release will suck without your patches.  If someone is going to cry
or curse because your fix isn't in the branch then maybe it is worth
your time to backport.

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