[Mono-dev] Confusion between float and System.Single (pt 2)

McLachlan, Charles CMcLachlan at illumina.com
Thu Aug 26 05:51:57 EDT 2010

Sorry, I mistakenly pressed Ctrl-S before I was finished 

Gmcs from the version of mono I git cloned yesterday (25th August) has
produced an error where there was no error using mono 2.6.7

error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for `ClassA.Go(float[][],
System.Collections.Generic.List<System.Single[][]>, int, int, byte[]'
has some invalid arguments
blah.dll (Location of the symbol related to previous error)
blahCaller.cs(1650,68): error CS1503: Argument `#2' cannot convert
`System.Collections.Generic.List<float[][]>' expression to type

This is part of a large project. I have not yet produced a simple
minimal failing program. ClassA.Go is a function in a separate dll
(blah.dll). i.e. the command line is something like

 gmcs -unsafe -optimize+ blashCaller.cs -r:blah.dll

The argument that I pass to ClassA.Go is indeed a List<float[][]>. This
exact same error is generated if I pass a List<System.Single[][]>. The
function ClassA.Go definition is

public unsafe static void Go(
            float[][] a,
            System.Collections.Generic.List<float[][]> b,  
            int c
            int d, 
            byte[] e)

Is anyone aware of a work around for this, or where I should submit this
as a bug report?

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