[Mono-dev] Mono on the command line

Bojan Rajkovic severedcross at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 12:18:03 EDT 2010

  On 08/17/2010 05:47 AM, KAD wrote:
> Hi all
> Does anybody know how to run an aspx page from the command line similar to
> how you can run a php file by just typing "php somepage.php"? I'm guessing
> it's something like "MONO somepage.aspx" but have had no luck so far.
You can't do so at all--.aspx pages require the ASP.NET infrastructure 
behind them, they're not just interpreted by the runtime. You can 
however fire up xsp in the directory and navigate to 
http://localhost:8080/somepage.aspx and test that way.


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