[Mono-dev] Cannot get UrlRewriter.net to work with Mono 2.6.7

Matthew Urbano matthew.urbano at trailerpark.com
Mon Aug 23 22:02:19 EDT 2010

I'm trying to rewrite some URLs using Intelligencia.UrlRewriter.dll from UrlRewriter.net.  I have added the reference to the dll, placed the dll in the site's bin folder, and added the following lines to my web.config

    <section name="rewriter" requirePermission="false" type="Intelligencia.UrlRewriter.Configuration.RewriterConfigurationSectionHandler, Intelligencia.UrlRewriter" />

      <add name="UrlRewriter" type="Intelligencia.UrlRewriter.RewriterHttpModule, Intelligencia.UrlRewriter"/>

      <rewrite url="~/fr/(.+).aspx" to="~/$1.aspx" />

I built the application and uploaded the files to my http directory on a remote CentOS server where I have Mono 2.6.7 built and installed from source.

So to test I tried to go to "www.mydomain.com/fr/Default.aspx" hoping that it would just take me to the Default.aspx page in the root, but I get a 404 error instead.

Locally, I am using the Visual Studio 2010 plug-in, and I have a local MonoTools server running on a VMWare Virtual Machine.  From VisualStudio, when I run the site using my local MonoTools server the rewriting works as expected.

Am I missing something on my remote server?  I really don't know what I need to do in order to get this working.

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