[Mono-dev] Porting Mono to a new platform

Massimiliano Mantione massimiliano.mantione at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 02:13:24 EDT 2010

> 1. What kind of manpower would be required to perform the port?

If the platform is ok (see below), an *experienced* developer (in both Mono
and the target platform) can do it in two weeks, and then expect lots of bug
fixing in the following month[s].
If (as it seems) you are new to Mono, and have never seen the source, things
are much different.

> 2. Are there any existing ports (maybe even to ThreadX) from which I
> could springboard?

Mono has Linux as a "main" platform.
If you could switch your platform to that, and run your code in an
environment that emulates your usual API on top of Linux, your life will be
*much* easier.
I have seen this kind of "proprietary embedded OS emulated inside Linux"
done many times, and it is not as crazy as it seems at first sight.
Depending on the number of API entry points you use of ThreadX, this could
be convenient for you or not.

That said, Mono is actively developed on Mac OS and Windows (Android does
not count because it's essentially Linux), runs on many Unix (Posix)
platforms, and maintained ports exist for the iPhone, Wii, PS3 and XBox so
it is definitely portable if the platform supports what it needs (I
participated to the XBox port).

If it is feasible-worth porting it to ThreadX, I do not know...

3. What are the minimum Mono RAM/ROM requirements?

On disk a minimally built install takes about 2Mb.
Of RAM I do not know, but it depends more on your code than anything else.

> 4. Are there remote-debugging options for debugging CLR images on the
> device from a Linux PC?  Windows PC?  What is the development effort
> to get those working?

Yes, it's called "SDB" (Soft Debugger), it's already used, among other
places, for the iPhone.

Hope it helps!
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