[Mono-dev] Is there any reason to not add instead a flag?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Aug 11 22:39:31 EDT 2010


I thought about this, but it would be a bit weird to use a tool called
> "mono-api-info" if you don't want the API but the ABI. This is why I
> thought it would be more intuitive this way.

Minor issue.

> It goes against the "If it is not documented, it does not exist" rule.
> Then mono-api-info doesn't exist either :) (there's no man page for it)

What we have here is an opportunity.

You now get to write the man page and document what both do.

I'm thinking I can get it to be the same executable, but can it be a
> different script called "mono-abi-info" which internally calls
> mono-api-info.exe passing the flag?

I do not want that, it is a minor aesthetic issue.   Just change it to --abi
and let us be done.

> If there's no man page for mono-api-info, I prefer to do it in a wiki
> page, ok? (Don't know man format enough to not copy-paste the structure ;)
> )

I realize it is more convenient for you, but it is not more convenient for
the user that has to wonder "What the hell does this do?"

Granted, there is no man page, so this is why we are going to turn a
negative into a positive.
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