[Mono-dev] mono-test-suite fails with pid/tid assert

Alexander Stohr Alexander.Stohr at gmx.de
Fri Aug 6 08:45:38 EDT 2010

hello robert,
thanks for your quick response.

right now i am not absolutely sure if the corner stones of my build setup were taken into consideration. i was...

* doing a *cross* build (using a bunch of options to make it work; FPU setting probably too conservative)
* installing tools and libs by copying a disk image (or some oe-pkgs) to the target
* running the test suite *natively* on the target (no config options applied as its running natively; i might have set a /usr/lib instead of /usr/local/lib)

all libs are there on the target. mono applications are running more or less fine but the test suite itself fails to use the locally compiled binaries for a pid/tid reason detected by pthreads.

isn't the test suite meant to use and test whats on the machine? i really dont want to first do full native compile on the target for verifying mono via the test suite. but the problem looks rather as the on-the-fly created helper files from the make check run have a problem to match the platform.

(the maturity of sgen-gc is something i wanted to check since it looked worth evaluating it due to its superior characteristics compared to boehm-gc. but i would not expect this component to affect pid/tid.)

regards, Alex.

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