[Mono-dev] How to use the new RHEL_5 for CentOS 5.5

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Aug 4 11:49:30 EDT 2010

On 04.08.2010 16:27, xen wrote:
> this is what I have in the C#
> public void onStatusChange(ref string key, double[] times, ref string
> status)
> {
>    updateDaltaStatus(Helper.SecurityStatus, key, times, status);
> }
> however I do see a slow memleak when I run for a long time (I don't have
> this leak when I skip the invoking).
> Is there something I need to clean up after the invoking is called?

No idea w/out a proper sample. The C code does not match the C#

> monoReturns [0] =&locKey;
> monoReturns [1] =&locLineTime;
> monoReturns [2] =&locTimes;
> monoReturns [3] =&locStatus;

These are 4 byref args, while your C# signature only has 3 args.
And double[] isn't byref...


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