[Mono-dev] 480152 - string.Normalize() frequently produces incorrect output

Damien Diederen dd at crosstwine.com
Fri Apr 23 05:22:17 EDT 2010

Hi Miguel,

Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com> writes:
> Hello,
>> I don't have commit privileges, unfortunately.  It would be great if you
>> (or another contributor) could commit the latest series of patches for
>> #480152 dated 2010-04-20 (that's five patches).  It is self-contained
>> and passes the testsuite.
>> Comments are welcome, of course, and I can rebase it on top of other
>> branches if desired.
> Thank you for the amazing work;   I have applied the patches to trunk.


> Currently our 2-6 branch is closed for the upcoming release, but after
> that perhaps we could try to get the patches in.

Great!  I'll check that the patches still apply after the release.

> Miguel.



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