[Mono-dev] Make System.IO.Ports work on UNIX systems other than Linux

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Apr 22 13:26:59 EDT 2010


The attached diff makes SerialPort.GetPortNames() work on
> all Unix systems other than Linux too, because ttyS* and
> ttyUSB* is linux specific and on *BSD the serial ports are
> tty[0-9]+.
> (I've tested this code on Linux and it should also support
> ttySG0 (SGI running Linux (ia64)).

I am not sure why you swap lnx with rem and remove items from the list on a
second pass.

Perhaps you can explain the rationale and the naming of the devices on each
of the systems that you tested this on?

I would also rather not use regexps there.


> The other way would be to add a different platform id for
> *BSDs.
> Comments? (My C# is not good :))
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