[Mono-dev] Improvement to Silverlight/Web-based video editing software project (GSoC)

Adam Walkowski bloody.boss at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 03:53:44 EDT 2010

Hi Everybody,

I have a question about idea of connect the Silverlight/Web-based video
editing software project proposal (for Google Summer of Code 2010) and some
of my ideas about distribution media in distracted environment. In general:
1. Use automatic compression mechanism to make preview files (considerable
smaller than original ones) for all media files on server (for example
builds by FFMpeg libraries).
2. Add some metadata to media files (about characters, actors, requisites,
weather, time of day in record, aspect ratio, bitrate etc.) in XML files.
3. Distribute media files in two ways: by streaming compressed (preview)
files from server to client app (for searching media resources by prepared
metadata) and by downloading compressed (preview) files to local machine
(for off-line and faster local montage).
4. Render finished projects on server from original media files or by
downloading original files from server and substitute preview files used
during montage on local machine.

What do You think about it and this functionality?

I'm fifth year student of Informatics at Faculty of Electronics,
Telecommunications and Informatics (Specialization: Modeling and Programming
Informatics Systems at Department of Algorithms and System Modeling) and
second year student of Management at Faculty of Management and Economics
(both studies at Gdansk University of Technology, Poland). I have three
years experience in Java and .NET programming (especially in C#). I have
participated two times in Microsoft Imagine Cup: in 2009 (category: software
design, player and editing application for interactive movies) and in 2010
(two categories, first: game design, strategy game in Silverlight 3
simulating charity organization; second: Internet Explorer 8 plugin, data
base of charities and these actions moderate by users). Apart form
informatics and programming I'm interesting in video montage, computer
graphics and animations. I try to match my Computer Science studies and
movie making hobby in my final work at Informatics Faculty. It's connected
with media distribution (and media data mining) in distracted team work on
media projects like movies, animations, video and audio commercials, music

Adam Walkowski
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