[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Mono and the MOSA Project

Phil Garcia phil at thinkedge.com
Wed Apr 7 22:36:29 EDT 2010

Hello. I’m one of the developers on the MOSA project – an open source
project to develop a managed operating system based on .NET framework with
an AOT/JIT compiler. We are working to incorporate the Mono class libraries
within our project.

We submit the attached patch for 14 classes in corlib against 2.6.3. The
patch moves all the InternalCalls declarations into separate partial class
files for String, Char, Double, Decimal, Array, DateTime, Type, ValueType,
RuntimeMethodHandle, Math, Buffer, GC, TypedReference, and Convert. The
patch has been tested against the corlib unit tests (make run-test) without
any regressions.

Since we are implementing everything in .NET/C# we don’t need InternalCalls
to call external API bindings. In fact, the external declarations in the
source code get into the way. So we have moved the InternalCalls method
declarations into separate partial class files (for example,
String.Internal.cs). This patch allows us to compile Mono class libraries
without referencing those external methods declarations and substitute own
managed versions.

We had updated the Object class too, but it caused a single failed test so
we have excluded it from here. The test failed due to a change in the order
of the Object class methods. We are not sure if this is just a paranoia
check (but kumpera on IRC said "tons of user code can depend on it").
Otherwise, all the other tests passed. We checked the new mscorlib from .NET
4.0 through ildasm and Mono doesn't follow the same method ordering for
Object. Is the ordering of methods for the Object class really important for

We will have many more patches in the future, but this will get us started
for now.


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