[Mono-dev] Rss20ItemFormatter.cs

Martin Potter martin.potter at logos.com
Thu Apr 1 16:07:11 EDT 2010


Can anyone provide any more insight, and/or a test case, for the crash referenced on lines 208-211 of Rss20ItemFormatter.cs?

case "pubDate":
	// FIXME: somehow DateTimeOffset causes the runtime crash.
	reader.ReadElementContentAsString ();
	// Item.PublishDate = FromRFC822DateString (reader.ReadElementContentAsString ());

The code appears to have been committed in December 2007 so I am curious as to whether the underlying problem has been fixed since there have been patches for DateTimeOffset and this code just needs to be reevaluated. (We have uncommented the code in our local build and it does not appear to cause any issues with the feeds we are consuming but was hoping for a test case to confirm the issue has been fixed.)

Thank you,

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