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Well the BitConverter documentation says that it operates on the raw
bitstream, so this should be expected. Other than that afaik only the Buffer
class works directly on raw data.  And of course anything related to
pointers will be endian-dependent as well.  



Andreas (other one)


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As I became aware, that BitConverter.GetBytes(0x1234) returns 0,0 on OSX I
thought: that is a bug. But Miguel pointed out, that this depends on the
platform OSX: "big-endian system (PowerPC) as opposed to a little endian

Up to that I hoped, that mono would hide all differences of any plattform
from my mono-app. But this seems not to be the case. (I think, this is a
Is there a list of platform specific differences, which have a reflection in
EndoTherm GmbH


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