[Mono-dev] Errors while generating serializers

Maciej Paszta paszczi at go2.pl
Mon Sep 7 06:15:57 EDT 2009


I'm experiencing strange problem that manifests itself with the following
message appearing on the console:

Error while compiling generated serializer
/tmp/2c1565e6/2f8bc8bb.cs(14481,38) : error CS1518: Expected `class',
`delegate', `enum', `interface', or `struct'
/tmp/2c1565e6/2f8bc8bb.cs(14487,43) : error CS0116: A namespace can only
contain types and namespace declarations
/tmp/2c1565e6/2f8bc8bb.cs(14490,9) : error CS8025: Parsing error

mono version is When app starts I'm registering few ActiveRecord
beans then the error appears but  application still works ok. The problem
has something to do with the number of registered beans. When there are only
a few - there's no such exception message but after increasing their number,
I get previously mentioned error.
Maciej Paszta
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