[Mono-dev] Gtk depends on Winforms ¿?

Tom Spink tspink at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 10:01:31 EDT 2009

2009/9/6 Christian Hoff <christian_hoff at gmx.net>:
> As I said, nobody has ever found out what DoEvents does and why
> produces the desired results. We'd really like to avoid loading SWF at
> runtime, but so far nobody has come up with a better solution :-) .

Just to pitch in, I remember *ages* ago when XP first introduced
visual styles, a manifest was required to specify using the common
controls library version 6, but also a call to InitCommonControlsEx
was required:

public static extern bool InitCommonControlsEx(IntPtr lpInitCtrls);

I've just rattled that off my brain, and the MSDN page:

I can't test this, since I don't have a suitable test environment.
But, it may point someone in the right direction.

Tom Spink
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