[Mono-dev] Error handling longs on Mono SPARC

Zoltan Varga vargaz at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 15:25:54 EDT 2009


  If you can't create a test case, could you run your app with
MONO_VERBOSE_METHOD=<caller method>
then with
MONO_VERBOSE_METHOD=<called method>

and send me the output ?

What does ' *gets fixed by building disabling the "optimize" mode*' means,
is this a flag
for the c# compiler ?


On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 8:21 PM, pablosantosluac at terra.es <
pablosantosluac at terra.es> wrote:

> >   A small testcase would be very useful, it can usually be generated by
> > taking the code
> > which exhibits the problem, and removing stuff from it. Also, does it
> > happen with 2.4
> > too ?
> Not sure we'll be able to reproduce it outside the real code. It's a big
> process, in case this has something to do with it.
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