[Mono-dev] Why system.net.webresponse not implemented?

APS dev.malst at apsystems.it
Fri Oct 23 11:07:37 EDT 2009

Sorry, it was due to wse.
I tried to use wse2 deploying the dll but if I run a wse-generated 
proxy class I obtain the NotImplemented Exception.
I tried using a standard proxy class changing base class to wse2 and 
it gives another error...on the other hand wse is not supported by 
Mono :) Just hoping :)

At 11.53 23/10/2009, Alan McGovern wrote:
>What makes you think it's not implemented? If you're attempting to 
>subclass WebResponse and are seeing NotImplemented exceptions, it's 
>because you must override those particular methods (and not call the 
>base method!) and you have not done so. The behaviour is the same on 
>On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 10:38 AM, APS 
><<mailto:dev.malst at apsystems.it>dev.malst at apsystems.it> wrote:
>just a curiosity. Trying to interface with an Axis web service I
>found that System/System.Net/WebResponse is not implemented.
>Why so? I think it's a useful library, there's some particular issue
>on implementing it?
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