[Mono-dev] 2.6 preview 1

Anthony Bowker anthony at flowol.com
Thu Oct 22 18:06:18 EDT 2009

I haven't seen much chatter (on mono-devel-list) recently about the 2.6

I wondered, is it would be possible to get a fix for
https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=495957, a regression from 2.2,
into the 2.6 release?

Many Thanks!

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The first preview build of 2.6 has been published to

The windows installer in this build is known to contain a number of
problems, including but not limited to:
* Has an older build (2.4.x) of gluezilla
* Does not contain mono-tools (monodoc browser, gsharp, gendarme, etc.) or
* Is larger than it was previously despite missing mono-tools, etc.

We are working through these problems but felt that it was more important to
get the build (and the preview tarballs) out into your hands.

SLE_10 and openSUSE_10.3 binary packages have been dropped (mono-tools now
requires a more recent gtk than available in SLE_10 and 10.3 will be
end-of-life around the time we publish 2.6-final).

The DRAFT release notes are here:

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