[Mono-dev] Partial System.Data.Services implementation

Atsushi Eno atsushieno at veritas-vos-liberabit.com
Mon Oct 19 02:02:39 EDT 2009

Hi, it's a great challenge :) Are you planning to implement the core 
part of the
library? If you are successfully using NHibernate with your patch, then 
it seems
that NHibernate does not use DataService *at all*.

For the time being, we have our own coding style that is helpful before our

I haven't checked in any Astoria stubs that I have written in the past 
(neither of
S.D.Svc.dll and S.D.Svc.Client.dll) as I never thought they can be used 
like this,
but I was likely wrong. Let's checkin your code once it takes good shape 
in style :)

Atsushi Eno

On 2009/10/19 3:06, Eric Maupin wrote:
> I've partially implemented System.Data.Services.dll. Basically 
> everything is present, only DataService<T> is mostly 
> NotImplementedException'd. What's present is enough to get LINQ to 
> NHibernate to build/run on Mono without modification. I wasn't sure 
> about the assembly attributes so they may be wrong or something. NUnit 
> tests are included.
> http://ermau.com/System.Data.Services.zip
> If theres any changes/fixes I need to do, I'd be more than happy to 
> just let me know.
> ermau
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