[Mono-dev] Big performance gaps between .NET, Mono (Suse/Debian) ?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Oct 6 06:15:12 EDT 2009

Lionel Cuir wrote:
> A few hints on how I did my tests:
> - the OS are: a bare XP SP3, a bare OpenSuse (kernel 2.6.27), a Debian with
> a lightened kernel (2.6.30) - "bare" = the OS is up-to-date but no other
> software installed
> - all OS were running as vmware guest (in vm workstation 6.5) with two
> "cpus" (dual-core T7200) and 512Mo of RAM
> - Mono version was on Suse, and 2.5 (compiled from SVN r140059) on
> Debian. .NET version is 3.5
> - On Suse and Debian, I both run the tests with the exe compiled with csc
> (.net) and with the exe compiled with gmcs - the results were the same.

You're benching different Mono versions. Mono 2.4 was branched
in January, whereas r140059 is pretty up-to-date.


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