[Mono-dev] Mono.Simd and Threefish256

Marcus Griep marcus at griep.us
Fri Oct 2 00:30:51 EDT 2009

As part of my free time, I decided to start down the path to SIMD-ing
some cryptography algorithms. As a starter exercise, I took Threefish256
from the SHA-3 submission Skein. The experience was very enlightening,
and as I haven't been able to find anything of substance out there about
working with Mono.Simd, I thought I'd write some articles about it.

I'm posting my experience to my blog in a 5-part series. The first of
the posts has already been published, and I'll have the rest ready by
the end of the weekend:


Thanks to all the folks who've been keeping the Mono.Simd project going.

Marcus Griep
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