[Mono-dev] Some questions in regards to the GTK# API

Claus Jørgensen thedeathart at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 13:27:00 EST 2009


I'm wondering about a few things in regards to GTK# API.

While using the Gtk.Window class, I've found a couple of properties were
missing, and were using C style methods with out parameters instead of the
related GDK structures.

I made a example of what I think could be nice to have here:
http://windcapes.pastebin.com/m7f2f591b , but I'm wondering if there is
there a reason for them not being there, seeing that a number of other
properties are available, but not these.

Plus, I find it very strange that there is no parameter-less constructor for
Gtk.Window class. After all, it's rather ugly having to call the base
constructor when making a derived Window, which is rather typical for GUI

Thanks in advance.

 Claus Jørgensen, www.clausjoergensen.dk
 Mobile: +45 30 13 27 32
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