[Mono-dev] Mono and the 4.0 profile

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Nov 20 02:02:55 EST 2009


      Since the CLR 4.0 will be shipping early next year, roughly  
around the same time that we will ship Mono 2.8 I was thinking that we  
might as well just switch our default now on SVN to be based on the  
4.0 profile instead of defaulting to the 2.0 profile;

      The 4.0 API is pretty much set in stone at this point (according  
to everyone we talked to at PDC) and unless there is some major design  
mistake or a major bug, what is shipping as Beta2 will be the final API.

      With Mono 2.8 we will be dropping the 1.0 profile support (the  
code is already disabled on SVN).

      Pending an audit to verify that no APIs were dropped or renamed,  
perhaps we could also remove the 2.0 assemblies as well and modify the  
runtime to remap all 2.0 assembly references to 4.0 to reduce both the  
install size and the compilation time.



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