[Mono-dev] on-the-spot Input method editing in mono WinForms

Tom Hindle tom_hindle at sil.org
Mon Nov 9 18:38:53 EST 2009


I need to implement in a custom control on-the-spot Input method
editing. The Control is driven by WinForm events - although all the
drawing is completely custom.

I have had a first stab at adding support to mono's X11 classes to allow
a custom control to get at this information. I've attached the (not
finished) initial patch for comments and suggestions.

I have also attached a small test program which I use for testing this.
For which I run it with:
MONO_WINFORMS_XIM_STYLE=on-the-spot mono TestApp.exe

I have been testing with Scim using 'Amharic' and 'Chinese (Simplified)
- Wubi' (note: mono winforms seems to have problems rending Amharic -
but it's good enough for testing).

What I would like to know is what are the changes of accepting a patch
which allows custom controls to hook into mono's XIM use? 

I have currently put externally access-able classes in a
System.Windows.Forms.X11 namespace, it this the right thing to do?

Another thing which I think may be necessary is the ability to have a
control specific xim or a least to be able to switch xim in application
code ( currently it seems to be one per applications) This would allow
some controls to do on-the-spot and some to do an alternative method
like off-the-spot.
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