[Mono-dev] WinForms text rendering seriously broken???

Petit Eric surfzoid at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 13:27:58 EST 2009

yes same here, SVN trunk version of Mono don't seem to have the problem

2009/11/6 Ernesto <equistango at gmail.com>

> I've started having a problem with WinForms apps some weeks ago which I
> attributed to my  modified Fedora installation. Now I found the same problem
> in a fresh Ubuntu 9.10 install.
> The problem is WinForms apps not showing text on labels, buttons and most
> controls, like the MoMA screenshot attached.
> This was tested with 3 different winforms apps, including the official MoMA
> download. It was tested on Fedora (rawhide) and Ubuntu 9.10, both with and
> without "desktop effects" enabled.
> These were the constants: both Fedora and Ubuntu were 64 bit, both
> notebooks with Intel 965 graphics, both default mono 2.4.3 install or SVN.
> I think this is too much of a bug to go unreported until now, and I still
> think this can be a problem with my installation. Can someone please confirm
> or deny this?
> Regards,
> Ernesto
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